About me I had been studying programming at MFF UK (CZ) for year and a half, then I did various part-time jobs. Now I have been coding for over a year and a half. I worked mostly with web applications, both in back-end (C#) and front-end. I am skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and profficient in C#, ASP.NET MVC5 and Razor. I have worked with Twitter Bootstrap, Angular.js and several CMS's. I enjoy climbing, reading, following spaceflight and spending time with my friends. Contact phone: 733353254 petr.macek.prace
References (obsolete) Temporary mainpage for Perspectivo based on design by Michal Ocilka. Presentation microsite Simple TODO list written in angular.js with registration and saving data on server. Back-end is written in C# with great help from tutorial on logging through Owin tokens. Repository here. Stuff to remember Small webpage for unique project connecting children from orphanages and elderly from retirement homes. I chose simple design employing Twitter Bootstrap. Most přes generaci CZ EN